We have researched tens of chatbot providers and find the fees run the gamut generally far too hight.  Pricing for our chat bot is we think really simple but if you want to negotiate or do “arm-twisting” we are game to get going to help you.  Basically a chatbot is an automated FAQs of your business not your website.  You website is like a library full of books on your business with so many books users cannot figure out what you really do.  A chatbot is like a librarian to help you find what you are looking for.  FAQs can be simple like business hours, delivery schedules or more complex like I don’t understand what a SD-WAN is, can you help me.  You may already have FAQs and other details in various files.  We can also do “due diligence” as if we were a potential customer and go through your website and come back to you with a list of FAQs for the chatbot.

Pricing Basics

Click on image for IBM Watson WP plug-in info.

First, to begin with, we only develop for WordPress websites and use the IBM Watson AI Chatbot plug-in which is we think a really great chatbot system using “machine learning” to make your chatbot really useful.  The plug is free but usage is not free.  That means if visitors to your site send a total of 1000 messages in a month, you will be charged ($0.0025 per API call) x (1000 calls) = $2.50.  We will need access (username and password) to your website to install the IBM Watson Plug-in.

Second, either (1) you send us a list of all the FAQs you want in your chatbot or (2) we will look at your website and give you an estimate of what we think would be useful in a chatbot for a $200 analysis fee (prepaid).

Third, for basic services we charge $10 per chatbot question developed and installation fee of $300 installed prepaid (creditcards/paypal accepted).  If you want Advanced Development, we can provide a proposal.  Testing, you test the chatbot to make sure it works as you expect and we will fix/adjust for up to two hours for free and additional based on hourly fee. Pricing subject to change without notice and invoice will be provided with details before engagement begins

Fourth, we provide ongoing maintenance based on three options: (1) Ondemand – $200 per hour for emergency services response time within eight hours of email contact and payment received, (2) Ongoing – $200 per month for two hours of adjustments and telephone consultation and $150/hour thereafter (prepaid) and (3) Special – arrangements and development based on a long-term annual commitment.

Background – We have passed the IBM Watson Chatbot course and have built a number of internal chatbots.  We have more than 30 years in building IQ Award-winning chat apps and have more than 10 chat apps on the iTunes store.  We wrote many books on AI including Knowledge Engineering: Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence and software documentation including The Softside of Software and really understand the concept and process of chat apps and chatbots.  Saying that we may not fit your situation and will help you find another company to suit your needs.

Disclaimer – We are not responsible for any content data loss, website navigation, business loss or any other detrimental impact on your business.  We provide this service “as is” and by either contact us or sending any fees for service you take responsibility of any loss.  We are not responsible for any errors from the use of the IBM Watson plug-in, conflicts with other plug-ins or other software installed or to be installed.  We are not responsible for IBM Watson Chatbot issues or fees and  troubleshooting fees are extra.

Bottom-line – We are always open to discussing what works for you to expedite the process.  Please call 3035941694 or email cross@gocross.com anytime.

Thanks for the opportunity to help you succeed.