The Emerging Language of Chatbots

Like the way we speak all too-often nuanced in slang, acronyms, cultural terms and even our accents change the conversation, so do chatbots have a language.  Writing for chatbots is really more art than science and hence the probably huge demand for chatbot linguists and writers.  Translating the spoken work to the written and then back again is really an art.  We don’t talk like we read and certainly don’t like the way people talk what we write.  This is an interesting article on mixing metaphors of the written and spoken word and then adding in appropriate tone, timing, empathy, directness and even humor.  The real challenge is that as humans we are constantly adjusting our language to fit the occasion and most importantly the person we are engage with.  I will often adjust the language based on the astrological sign of what sign the persons’ Mercury.  You may sound the alarm but it is that the way we communicate is based on this interesting fact, but it is certainly true.  However, there will be considerable need to write and re-write chatbot language as language is also not static and new words are added nearly every day.   Click here for just some of the new words in 2018 along.  The article spells out in so many words, how to write for chatbots but like a grammar lesson it tells you how to write, not what you are going to write.

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