Apple Business Chat Platform Using iOS

apple business chat

While still in beta (March 2018), Apple is accelerating their early efforts in customer-to-business communications.  Called Business Chat it is a powerful new way for your customers to get answers to their questions, learn about and purchase your products, and engage with your existing support channels. Integrated into Messages and discoverable through Maps, Siri, Search, as well as your own app and website, Business Chat helps you build persistent, long-lasting relationships with your customers. See how to leverage built-in features like Apple Pay or calendar integration, as well as your own iMessage app in the conversation. Click on image for Apple Business Chat Program.

Here are some of the more interesting features:


Help users express themselves in richer ways by providing stickers for purchase on the App Store for iMessage. Users can tap to send stickers in a thread, adjust their size, or place them on top of bubbles, other stickers, and photos. There’s no need to write code — simply drag your images into Xcode to create a sticker pack.

iMessage Apps.

Users will have easy access to your apps without having to leave Messages. They can conveniently share content, edit photos, play games, send payments, and collaborate with friends within a custom interface that you design.

Business Chat Sandbox is a staging environment for businesses and developers who want to evaluate Business Chat. Send and receive texts to get a sense of how your customers interact with Business Chat. Also explore some of Business Chat’s built-in features, like scheduling an appointment using the time picker, or selecting an item from a list using the list picker.

Customer Service Platform (CSP) providers may also use the sandbox to gain a better understanding of how to add Business Chat support to their platform. They can view JSON payloads and data structures, compare inputs and outputs with the API reference, and more.

If you are interested in a Apple Business Chat App or IBM Chatbot, click on image below.


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